My Finale of A Song of Ice and Fire

So I’m a huge Ice and Fire fan, but I feel like GRRM is never going to get done with his series. So I’ve decided to write a fanfiction of what I hope is the final chapter of the series. It gives closure to many of the characters, and to the ones not mentioned you can just assume they died somewhere in their journey. Anyways MASSIVE SPOILERS ahead.

Final Chapter of ASOIAF

“Tyrion!” yelled Ser Barristan from across the throne room while cutting down Meryn Trant and Osmund Kettleback. “Find Jon and tell her to protect the Queen!”

Tyrion was in awe of the Old Knight’s legendary prowess. His swift blade tore through Cersei’s former lackeys like one of Daenery’s dragons picking apart a sheep, completely one-sided. Of course it didn’t hurt that the elderly knight recently acquired Dragonfire, a Valyrian steel sword for his faithful service to Queen Daenarys Stormborn and helping her retake the throne with relative ease. A few dragons will make any man bend the knee.

                Tyrion had woken only a few minutes before hell descended upon the Red Keep. He heard mummer from the walls that woke him in the middle of the night and decided to continue reading in the chambers were they held small council. He felt at home there. Probably because it’s where he banished Cersei and all her men, but he hoped he wasn’t so vindictive that it would make this his favorite place to relax.

Of course he wanted to behead all of them. But Daenerys Stormborn wouldn’t allow it. She said that exile is a worse fate than death and that they should experience what she endured for her seventeen years.

“Go now!” the knight yelled once again as more infiltrators attacked him. Tyrion left the iron throne room and witnessed more death and destruction than he had witnessed at any other battle. The red keep spilled blood so many men were dying around him. The Queen’s Dothraki were defending the topmost walls from Men rappelling up and on the ground knights were dueling left and right. Tyrion watched as Sandor Clegane in his mighty armor was duel wielded two swords each bigger than Tyrion himself and hacked apart a Dornish men to pieces. The Hound looked over to Tyrion and acknowledged him with a nod of respect before attacking other men trying to enter the throne room. Ever since the Hound declared his loyalty to the Queen, he has been the most trusted swordsmen to her; The Hound even saved the Queen’s life by uprooting a conspiracy by Varys. That wicked spider finally spun his last web once the Hound ripped his throat out, Tyrion would always smile at that thought, but for now he was in the middle of a coup d’état.

Tyrion decided to arm himself with a shield he found lying beside a dying man. Tyrion recognized the sigil as the Tully’s. Hoping his small stature would let him go unrecognized he ran past large knights slaying each other. He headed toward the Commander of the Queen’s Guard’s chambers to get Jon Stark.

Running up the steps he heard a high pitched, deafening wail. Dragons, he recognized at once. He had been in so many battles with the beasts. From Mereen to the great battle for Westeros, they had never failed in battle. Daenerys was likely hoping to mount Drogon, so she would be at the top of this tower, he told himself. And Jon was likely to be there as well.

Reaching the top of the tower, Tyrion saw the two waiting for their dragons and now he was the third.

Tyrion began to yell, “I told you not to trust Littlefinger or Varys. They’re scum who make misery for all men. If they can’t rule through you, they’ll try and kill you! Why didn’t anyone listen!”

Dany stood in her dragon armor, forged after attaining all the Valyrian steel from the great lords of Westeros after they bent the knee. She was the perfect image of a Targaryen, beautiful, frightening and immensely powerful. But still oh so ignorant of how the game is played.  She slapped Tyrion on the face, “I did tell you to advise me, and made you hand of the King with the one promise that you were always straightforward with me,” she was so dignified even in the face of her Castle being sacked, “But you will never disrespect me like that again!”

Tyrion felt as though he was in the presence of a god. She was born for this.

Jon stood aside, knowing when to give his Queen space. He and Tyrion had become friends and developed mutual respect for each other. If someone had said him and Jon would end up here when they were traveling to the wall all those years ago, he would have thought him mad. From bastard to Commander of a Targaryen Queens guard, and Imp lowlife to become her hand, oh and dragons were flying over our head in the middle of a massacre in King’s Landing. This is ludicrous.

“Daenerys Stormborn, I apologize. That was inexcusable and I will give myself to the seven after this myself, but you must know that you mustn’t trust…”

Interrupting Tyrion, Drogon and Rhaegar, both the size of the small houses, lowered themselves onto the tower to let Dany and Jon ride them. Both dragons perched themselves to the edge of the tower.

Viserys flew above. Tyrion thought of Victarion demanding to ride the dragon and almost stealing Viserys for himself. Ser Jorah had redeemed himself by spearing Victarion in the heart as he rode through the air. But the heir of Bear Island had been burnt too badly and didn’t survive the encounter. So much death, where is the life?

Jon saw the fear in his friend’s eyes, “Wouldn’t attack the dragon…” Then Drogon belched fire alerting Jon of approaching danger. A shadow appeared against the fire allowing Jon to sidestep the fatal blow, but a sword still plunged through his armor.

“Fuck, Jon!” Dany screamed as she drew her Valyrian sword, The Wakening.

A dark shadow crept behind Jon and Tyrion was reminded of Jaime’s secondhand account of a shadow killing Lord Renly…It was Stannis.

“My Queen, it’s Stannis! He lied with his terms of peace.” Stannis simply bent the knee and maintained Storm’s End, but he had this planned all along. These were mercenaries from across the narrow sea. They must have been lying in wait for some time, most likely bought and paid for years in advance. And considering Cersei’s men, she probably teamed up with Stannis. In fact, all of their exiled foes probably consolidated creating a massive army bent on wiping out the Targaryen rule! How could I have not seen this?

                Their enemies were lying in wait for five years, just biding their time until they had a united army to reclaim Westeros. But we still have dragons.

“Ride Drogon and burn the Blackwater!” Tyrion commanded of Dany, “Stannis uses magic to conceal his ships that is how these men approach!”

Dany immediately mounted Drogon, “Get Jon to safety!” and then flew off over the Blackwater. Tyrion saw the shadow disappear. Strong magic, but it must dissipate quickly.

Tyrion ran over to Jon, who was shivering. “My Lord, Jon Stark…what can I do?”

“Ty… Sam, keep him safe.” Tyrion then realized that Sam was the person he needed. But he would be impossible to find in this situation. Unless…

                Tyrion saw men rappelling up their tower, trying to shoot down Rheagar and claim the name dragonslayer. These men were bloodthirsty, probably raiding in unknown parts of the world just waiting for this chance. Tyrion would not have it though. It’s not my time to die, not fucking yet.

Tyrion threw down his shield at one of Stannis’ men rappelling up, hitting him in the head. Tyrion saw his body plummet to the ground. One of the man’s legs broke apart on impact causing the bone to jut through the knee. The fighting below continued and Tyrion hoped Ser Barristan was surviving.

“Jon, you’re going to live!” Tyrion shouted and ran over to him. “You just need to get onto Rhaegar and we’ll ride to safety…where a maseter is.”

“I broke my promise to her…”Jon whispered. Tyrion paid no attention he just tried dragging Jon to Rheagar, who recognized his master was in distress and lowered his body so Jon could drag himself on. Tyrion boarded as well as men flew spears and shot arrows at Rhaegar. Tyrion could feel the heat come from Jon’s scabbard. Jon’s sword, Lightbringer, always erupted with heat whenever battles raged around it.

The dragon instinctively blew fire at the soldiers who tried to shield themselves from the fire, but most roasted in their armor. The mad kind would be proud. Rhaegar took off immediately after, sensing that Jon was in distress. Tyrion held onto Jon as the ascended. It was exhilarating and beautiful as Rhaegar rose up and breathed fire into the night. To his left, Tyrion saw Dany and Drogon burning the Blackwater as he had done with wildfire all those years ago. The once invisible ships appeared and lit up the bay. You never learn, do you Stannis?

Tyrion tried to command Rhaegar to go to Baelor’s Sept, figuring someone there may be able to help the dying Lord. Rhaegar turned and did as he was told. Tyrion’s high Valyrian training paid off.

Flying over the city he saw that the commoners were in chaos. Please live Jon. Tyrion shouted stop in high valyrian and Rhaegar landed in Baelor’s Sept. Tyrion scrambled off Rhaegar and pulled Jon with him. “HELP! We need a maester! Anyone who can heal a sword wound!” Tyrion shouted but only people looked upon Jon as he bled out.

He was there when Jon and Daenerys met for the first time. Jon had needed help defend against the threat of the White Walkers, and with Dany’s dragons they vanquished the ancient enemy. Jon then knew that Targaryens were the true rulers of Westeros, being the only ones who could defeat the others.  From there Dany and Jon were immediate allies and friends.

“Is… where my father…”Tyrion turned toward Jon who was spewing blood from his mouth.

“Ned…this is where he died” Tyrion was ashamed for taking Jon here, but it was the first place he thought of. He was so ashamed he began to cry. Then he realized he would do anything to keep Jon alive. He had grown to love this man like a brother, but he knew that Jon’s song was over.

“It’s alright, Tyrion. Our Queen will survive and keep the realm safe. It’s our job to keep her safe… My life is worth protecting hers.” His voice was so weak, Tyrion knelled close.

Tyrion sobbed over Jon. Tears splashed upon Jon’s armor as he wiped his eyes.

“Tell Arya, Bran, Rickon, Sansa… I love them…and keep them safe at Winter…” And ended the song of Jon Stark, Queen Maker, Dragon rider, the Protector of Men, and the Lord of Ice.

Tyrion felt heat drain from Lightbringer and knew Jon to be dead. Rheagar stood guard of his dead master intimidating the onlookers. “I will Jon… I promise on my life.”


So Jon gave his life to save the Queen and Tyrion may as at some point too. In my ending I basically say that Dany is the savior of Westeros because she’s my favorite character and pray that she’ll live up to her expectations.

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